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cultivating authentic human connection

 & intentional community through thoughtful murals &



Behind 'HUEGA'

Annie Hight is an Atlanta born and raised artist. She is a feeler, a middle child, a problem-solver, and above all a lover of people, color and beauty. Annie was classically trained in art, but in college she discovered a passion for, and indeed a fascination with, the human experience, the idea of community, and the powerful role which art & beauty play therein. 

Annie continues to pursue this overlap between humanity and art through her work in custom murals and illustrations, which are her primary mediums. By employing the use of vivid imagery, playful linework, and bright, playful color schemes, Annie's work seeks to capture the spirit behind the Danish word "hygge." Pronounced 'HEW-gah,' this word describes the feeling of peace and contentment that one might become overwhelmed by whilst surrounded by friends at a campfire.


Annie hopes that Huega, named partially after this feeling, will cultivate similarly powerful moments, using beauty to bring folks together in authentic, meaningful ways.


Are you interested in working together??


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